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Himself, Herself, Ourself, SELLFIE! Taking a selfie by yourself can only capture a few people and some of your environment. With the SELLFIE, you can include more people and capture your environment. The SELLFIE is made out of carbon fiber material which keeps it lightweight without risking structural
integrity, supporting up to 7.7lbs. The phone clamp can fit smartphones up to 2.8inches wide and pivots to allow for the best shooting angles. The SELLFIE stick extends to about 39inches with the phone holder, allowing for everyone to be included, including your environment.


What’s in the bag?

Bluetooth enabled remote control


Sellfie Features

The Bluetooth remote control can connect to both Android and iOS enabled devices, however, the optical zoom feature is only available for the back camera on Android devices. The battery can last up to 40 working hours with a 6 day standby time, allowing you to take as many pictures as you desire without having to worry about battery life.


Sellfie Mini Tripod

The mini tripod allows you to stabilize your phone on uneven surfaces to help set up photo opportunities. The remote control has a 33ft wireless reach and may still be used to trigger the photo capture so you may continue to take photos while away from your camera.



The Sellfie focuses on products that accessorize the concept of ‘the selfie’. With these products, selfies can be taken effectively and efficiently.

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